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US Patent D661,354 S
Wine Tasting ClipBoards 
Offering a convenience at walk around wine tastings....​
Our Wine Tasting Clipboards give you those "extra hands" you need at a Walk Around wine tasting. The board has a secure place to hold your wine glass while offering  the flat surface you need to write your comments at the same time you just tasted it. 

We are proud to say our wine tasting clipboards are made in the USA.  We are the ONLY patented wine tasting clipboards.

Payments are processed thru PayPal and we also sell our wine tasting clipboards on Amazon.
US Patent  D661,354 S - Made in the USA
The ONLY Patented Wine Tasting Clipboard. 
An elegant and tasteful design.
Our Wine Tasting Clipboards are made in the USA!

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A special thanks to The Tasting Panel Magazine and Vegas 7 Magazine
for the great write ups!  And a shout out to Voyage Chicago
for the incredible interview on us.
Our Limited, Original Style Clear Acrylic with Pewter Clip! ​ VERY few left!

**Bulk pricing is available for education purposes with large discounts.
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