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US Patent D661,354 S
Wine Tasting ClipBoards 
Offering a convenience at wine tastings....​
We offer a unique product for those who look to make walk around or barrel tastings more convenient. Our Wine Tasting Clipboards give you those "extra hands" you need.
The board has a secure place to hold your wine glass while offering  the flat surface you need to write your comments.
We are proud to say our wine tasting clipboards are made in the USA.  You can customize your TastingBoards any way you'd like!  Great as wedding party gifts for Vineyard weddings or promotional items for the wine industry! We are the ONLY patented wine tasting clipboards.

Payments are processed thru PayPal and we also sell our wine tasting clipboards on Amazon.
US Patent  D661,354 S - Made in the USA
The ONLY Patented Wine Tasting Clipboard. 
An elegant and tasteful design.
Our Wine Tasting Clipboards are made in the USA!

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for more information.

Music to our ears...
"Will you hold my glass please?"
Of course we will....
Anything else we can help you with?

 Toni S. from Ohio was thrilled to receive her  TastingBoard,  here's some of what she has to say......

"....I will enjoy my tastings even more now thanks to you.  I need to be organized at wine events.  Your product will save me time in having that place to put my glass, literally at my fingertips, as I take notes........I wish you all the success in the world for creating a marvelous product."

Thanks SO much Toni for taking the time to write (and call!)
Having a VINEYARD Wedding?  
Great gift idea for the Wedding party OR guests!  Here are some ideas.....

Our NEW "WinePro" 
 WinePro glasses also available!

No, you're not seeing double, our WinePro TastingBoard was made with wine professionals in mind.  No more hassle of changing from  whites to reds, back to whites, etc.  This TB has TWO wine glass paths; one on each side of the board.

 WinePro glasses are sold separately.  
They fit perfectly and are light-weight.
Also, "Thanks" to The Tasting Panel Magazine and Vegas 7 Magazine
for the great write ups!  And a shout out to Voyage Chicago
for the incredible interview on us.
 BUY 1 WINEPRO TastingBoard
and get 1 FREE.

Happy New Year!!!

Offer Valid until 01/31/18

Wine Tastings are an excellent way to raise money for your charity.    For more information,
contact John on Facebook:
This fantastic client, Tracy M. from Australia purchased a TB paying a very high price for postage just to have her Tastingboard. TWO years later, this is the letter I received from her.  Thank you Tracy and wishing you continued success!
Notes from some of our happy and wonderful customers!
**Bulk Orders 
Our boards are NOT mass produced so large orders require approx. 4 wks. Also allow time for your printer to customize your boards.  Email for more info. 
Thank you Bryan K. from the NW suburbs for being one of our most loyal ambassadors of TastingBoards!
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