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US Patent D661,354 S
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Creating  TastingBoards
Allow me to introduce myself.....Gale Clare Karnis.  I'm a proud mother of 3 adult children and the amount of my grandchildren continues to increase (happy to say).   Lots of love in this family!   It is with their emotional support that I was lucky enough to follow a dream.

Most frequently I get asked how I came upon this here it is:

 I enjoy going to larger, walk around wine tastings.  When you walk in, they give you your glass & a sheet of paper letting you know what wines are at which tables....then your sent on your way. It became so frustrating to try to first FIND a place to put my wine glass while I then tried writing my tasting notes with nothing to write on!  I remembered seeing some people at tastings with just a regular clipboard, but still had to find a place to put their wine glass. I thought to myself there MUST be one out there that does both, so I asked my adult children for a wine tasting clipboard for Christmas.  To my surprise, we could NOT find one! So I gave up and designed one on my own and hired a company to make my prototype.  Once I had it fine-tuned, I applied for the patent which I received in June 2012.
 The manufacturing world was all new to me and I have to say continues to present challenges.  I am determined to keep it in the USA and finally have found some wonderful companies to produce my TastingBoards.  

I have met some fantastic people along the way and consider myself so lucky to have my family and fabulous friends.  To ALL who have helped me on this wonderful journey.....THANK YOU!  And to those of you on my path in the future...can't wait to meet you!
My granddaughter, Brianne Phenegar,  Sales
US Patent D661,354 S
I'm proud to say that our
TastingBoards are made in
the USA by:  

Busch Plastics (Our Acrylics)
Jacob & Levi's in Ohio Amish Country
(our Baltic Birch)

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Designer, Owner
and Patent Holder
My Inspiration and family.