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US Patent D661,354 S
Clear - Wine Tasting Clipboard
                   LTD Edition
Clear Acrylic with LIMITED EDITION with Custom Pewter Clip. A beautiful laser design makes this our most elegant TastingBoard.
There were only a limited amount produced, so this is available only while supplies last.

 $25.00 Plus S&H (Reg $30)
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Bulk orders for plain boards 
are available, giving you the option to get your logo on them or for "paint your own" companies.  Email for more information.
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(Wine glasses NOT included. For display purposes only)

Our Chocolate Acrylic wine tasting clipboard provides the functionality and convenience at your larger and walk around tastings.  You won't know how you went without one!

 $20.00 plus S&H

Chocolate Acrylic 
We take pride in the quality and style of our Wine Tasting Clipboards.  We offer various styles so you can choose the one that's right for you.
I'm proud to say that these are made in the USA and not mass produced.  
International orders are very expensive to ship. If you'd still like a quote, please email us.
For your safety and internet protection, we use PAYPAL to process all payments.  If you'd rather,  we're also listed on Amazon.

Because we care!
Buy any WINEPRO and get one FREE!!!

Sale Valid until 12/31/17

When checking out, choose Qty 1 but you will receive 2 in your order. ONLINE ONLY!
Left-Handed Chocolate
12"-width Baltic Birch
This  Baltic Birch offers an additional 3" on the right side for better wrist support.  If you do a lot of writing you'll appreciate it. Of course you can always lay your cheese and bread there too! These are handmade so each board will be unique.  Wood grains and colors vary.  Limited Quantities. 

  12" width  for the SERIOUS Taster!
$20.00 + S&H 

Mint Green Acrylic 
We had several requests for a new color, so here we have our Mint Green Acrylic wine tasting clipboard. It provides the functionality and convenience you're use to with our TastingBoards.

         $20.00 plus S&H


Our Dark Green TastingBoard is one of the original designs that unfortunately had to be discontinued for Mfg reasons.  The original logo is lasered onto the Clipboard which gives a truly, elegant design. Great gift for wine tasting enthusiasts that lasts a lifetime.
Only available while supplies last.

$20.00 plus S&H       

Amish Baltic Birch
Our TB straight from Amish Country!  The same, earthy baltic birch that are beautifully hand-made. Our  logo has been BRANDED on with an  old-fashioned branding iron! Wood grains and natural wood flaws will vary. Offers all the convenience of our other wine tasting clipboards.

$20.00 plus S&H

Our NEWEST Style - "WinePro"

Coiled Pen Holder $4.00
Dark Green Acrylic 
Chocolate colored  Acrylics
Any of our Acrylics can be as creative as you are!  Whether it's a sports team, music or favorite wineries, decorate yours with their decals!
Here's my Chicago Blackhawks TastingBoard.

Appetizer Plates
with Wine glass Holder
Set of 4 - $15

 Wine Glass (Plastic) 
$5 each   6 oz glass

The plastic glasses are more light-weight than glass.  Many walk around tastings restrict "glass" at outdoor tastings.

Our secret weapon for people in the industry....The WinePro TastingBoard has a wine glass holder on each side of the board.  It eliminates having to constantly rinse your glass between whites and reds; you have a place for two glasses.  For engineering reasons, there have been a few changes to the original boards. These are also hand-made in Amish country and the logo is branded on.  Glasses not included.

 $20   PLUS S&H

Yes, we even have a TastingBoard for our "Lefties" out there!   Our Chocolate Acrylic wine tasting clipboard provides the functionality and convenience at your larger and walk around tastings.  You won't know how you went without one!
$20.00 plus S & H

Make it your own!
"WinePro"  WITH 
2  Tasting Glasses
Since the WinePro was engineered differently than our other boards, the width of the stem path is reduced.  The stem of the wine glass needs to be very thin.  This WinePro includes the 2 Tasting Glasses that fit the path perfectly.  (Made of plastic to keep the upper board light-weight).

WinePro With Glasses:  $26.00
Special Note on Bulk Orders: 
Our boards are NOT mass produced so large bulk orders requires a lead time of 4 - 6 weeks.
BOGO on our WinePro (ONLY)
Valid until 12/31/17